How to Make a Kindle Book Cover

Friday, May 6, 2011  at 7:00 AM
As Chris and I are both avid readers, we bought a Kindle for our impending nomadic lifestyle.  We have already filled it with many free books (we love the classics!) and are excited to have something so small yet useful for our trip.  We looked at the different cover options, but we are so picky that we ruled out the ones we saw for sale.  I wanted something that the Kindle could stay inside even when we were reading it (therefore no neoprene sleeves) and Chris wanted something very thin yet strong (therefore no clunky official Kindle case).  Enter my craft skills! 

A handmade Kindle case, crafted from a hardback book.
I made this Kindle case from a hardback book I found at the Goodwill, some fleece, a zipper, some elastic, some thin cotton batting and a whole lot of hot glue.  This is actually attempt #2, since attempt #1 was an epic fail.  However, this one turned out quite nicely (I like to think!).  Here's how I made it.

Instruction to make your own Kindle hardback book cover:

1. Find the proper size hardback book.  This is harder than expected, as it must be the correct dimensions and it also must be quite thin.

2. Using an exacto knife, cut out the pages.  I cut them all as a whole from the interior spine, making sure to leave the outside of the book cover intact!

3. Glue a zipper to the inside perimeter of the book.  Keep the zipper closed while gluing, so the teeth will line up when it is zipped!  The bottom end of the zipper (without the zipper stop) will have to go along the inside of the spine so the book can open up all the way (when completely unzipped, the zipper pullwill actually go into the spine a bit).  If you have a separating zipper that is exactly the right length, that will make this much easier.  Inserting the zipper correctly is the trickiest part, and is what ruined attempt #1 for me.

4. Glue in a piece of thin cotton batting to the front and back covers.  This is for cushioning.

5. Glue in a piece of fleece to the inside. 

6.  Glue in small pieces of elastic to hold the Kindle in place.

7. Zip it up and enjoy!  Hint: If you put this on your bookshelf, you will laugh to yourself every time you look at it. 



alex said...

Where did you get all of your materials? And if its not to much to ask could u make a video, im terrible at things like this but the outcome looks amazing!

Danalynn & Chris said...

Thank you for the lovely comment! I found my book at a second-hand shop and bought the zipper, padding and material at a fabric shop (left-over from a previous project). I already had hot glue and elastic, and those are pretty much all of the supplies! Unfortunately, I can't make a video as I'm currently traveling, but all I did was glue the padding and fabric inside the book (with the pages removed), then glue in the zipper while it was closed (the trickiest part). It took me a few tries, but it wasn't too tricky! Give it a try. :)

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