Exploring the Seattle Beaches

Wednesday, May 11, 2011  at 12:04 AM
I was raised on the rocky, kelp-strewn beaches of the Pacific Northwest and I love how interesting they are!  We forgo the endless stretches of silky sand in exchange for hidden tide pools, seaweed galore and pointy rocks (good for stabbing feet, hands and knees!).  I have been excited to revisit many of my favorite places as I am getting ready to leave the country. 

A small green crab who lives under the rocks in the intertidal zone.

I always get excited when I see the wildlife living in the tide pools--crabs, sea anemones, little fish, hermit crabs!  Best type of beach ever, yes/yes?

Believe it or not, this photo was not retouched to get this smooth, artsy look--this was how it actually looked!

I am enamored with the intricate lines in the rigging of sailboats.

A sailboat, anchored off of this beach of dark, smooth rocks.

People usually don't associate Seattle with the thought of beaches, but the beaches here are fantastic.  Cold, rainy, wet, yes, but they are fantastic for interesting walks!


A brightly colored scallop shell.
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