Easy Photography Editing in GIMP

Thursday, May 26, 2011  at 7:00 AM
Discover if you know these unusual photo-editing techniques to create stunning photos!

Cherry Blossoms by Danalynn C

Often when I am traveling, I am moving too quickly to properly frame a scene and adjust camera settings before I take a photo.  These mistakes, luckily, can be fixed with my favorite photo-editing software, GIMP.

What Is GIMP?

GIMP is a free photo-editing software.  It is my favorite program to use when I edit my photos because even though you can be very technical with it, it's still easy to use.  It can be downloaded for every operating system and can be easily customized with optional plug-ins.  No, I am not being paid to recommend GIMP--I just love it that much!

Where can I get GIMP?  Is it actually free?

You can download GIMP for free from the GIMP website.  Yes, it's completely free, it does not have a trial period--it will always be free!

This GIMP Photography Editing Series

This photo-editing series will start off with a quick and easy introduction to GIMP through several basic photo-editing tutorials.  After these first few tutorials, I will move on to more unusual techniques that you can use to edit your photos with in GIMP.

I love knowing these techniques, especially for my travel photos, since I am always so distracted by all the new and exciting views in front of me that I usually fail to properly frame the photo or adjust my camera to get the best color.  Some techniques we will cover will include how to correct for a skewed perspective, how to blur backgrounds to create the look of a narrow depth of field (mimicking the look of SLR photos), and how to turn a color photo into a striking black and white image.

Article #1

The first article in this series will be posted this afternoon!  Keep an eye out! 
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