Eastern Washington State

Friday, May 13, 2011  at 7:00 AM
I freely admit, I have a huge soft spot for Eastern Washington State.  The rolling hills, the patchwork fields knit together with rickety old fences, the clean, dry smell of dirt and wheat (no matter the season!), they all weave together and make me pretty happy.  This weekend, I was visiting family in Eastern Washington State and I was continually struck by how pretty everything was!  Of course, my judgement may have been skewed since it might have been the first time I saw sun in several months...

Spring Palouse Hills in Eastern Washington State
Rolling Palouse Hills on a sunny day!

This weekend I was able to play around with my MIL's DSLR camera, which was a ton of fun.  I amused myself by taking endless photos of weeds, the ground, and blurry birds (I'm never quite fast enough to snap the photo clearly when they're in flight).

Thorny Weed in Eastern Washington State
An awesome thorny weed!

An amusing conversation from this weekend, while I was showing photos on the camera to my little four-year-old brother-in-law

Me: Do you want to see the photos?

Him: What are they?

Me: Do you like to fingerpaint?

Him: (nods enthusiastically)

Me: Well, this is like fingerpainting for grown ups!

The other people at the table started laughing at me, but it satisfied the four year old!

Grass Closeup
Light hitting blades of grass.  Yes, I photographed grass close-up.  The previous picture is a weed, too!

Chris, laughing at something and enjoying his last few days in the US.

Spring Daffodils
Spring Daffodils!
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