Bungee Jumping at Verzasca (Switzerland)

Saturday, May 14, 2011  at 7:34 AM
Chris has left for Europe and took the camera with him.  To help me battle my withdrawal symptoms (no camera=sad day), I will be working on photo-editing skills with GIMP on old photos.  This also ties in nicely as I will be focusing this month on old travel memories.  It is about one month out from my departure date and I am getting excited to go!

This series will start off with a bang: Two years ago, I jumped off of a dam.  No, I did not want to end my life as a puddle of liquidized person at the bottom of the dam--I was bungee jumping in Switzerland at the highest stationary bungee jump in the world, at Valley Verzasca.

Getting ready to bungee jump at Valley Verzasca, Switzerland
Getting suited up to go jump off of a bridge!  In addition to securing the bungee cord to my ankles, I wore a body harness on that the rope also secured to as an additional safety measure.

This thrilling experience was given to Chris and me as a wedding present by a large group of Chris's college friends and it remains one of my strongest memories of living in Europe.  I am afraid of heights (not debilitatingly so, but a bit) and it took all my willpower to step off the edge.  The wind was really strong--I thought I was going to be knocked off before I could jump!  I was convinced I was going to die, but I am so glad I went through this experience.

The fall took about 15 seconds total, then it was a long wait while a wench was slowly sent down to me, I fastened the wench to my harness, then the wench pulled me up.
The fall itself was not what I expected--it was long, the cord was very bouncy, and the rebound drop was very high as well.  I had intense tunnel vision towards the ground, and as soon as I felt the cord tightening against my ankles at the bottom of the fall an intense feeling of relief overpowered me.  All in all, a great experience but most likely not one I will be repeating anytime soon!
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