Art in the Vatican Museum

Monday, May 16, 2011  at 7:00 AM
Welcome to Part 3 of my Travel Memories series as I prepare for my upcoming departure in June!  Click here to read other Travel Memories stories.

When I was in Rome, the hands down, no contest, most amazing experience I had was touring the Vatican Museum.  You may have noticed that I enjoy art (maybe), and the Vatican Museum was stuffed full of it.  The Sistine Chapel is the most famous area in the Vatican Museum, and while it was fun to look at, it definitely was not my favorite part--too many people, no photography allowed, and the art was fairly far away.

My favorite paintings in the museum were not framed or spotlighted, but were painted on the ceilings and walls of a specific long hallway in the Vatican Museum. This hallway is known for being covered top to bottom in beautiful paintings and it did not fail to impress.  I took the photos of the paintings below from the ceiling of this hallway!

Painting of Saint on ceiling of Vatican Museum

I have no idea of the artist, so if anyone has any ideas I would be happy to hear them!

Painting of Saint on ceiling of Vatican Museum #2

Painting of Saint on ceiling of Vatican Museum #3

Painting of Saint on ceiling of Vatican Museum #4


Beth said...

Hey Danalynn!

I think these were artwork Pope Leo commissioned back in the 1800s, though I couldn't tell you who did them. It was a series about the graces embodied by saints, if I remember right. The Latin inscriptions were fun to play with... my skills are failing, I could only translate some of them!

These are absolutely gorgeous pictures, by the way. Major props for being able to take them if these were all over the ceiling!


Danalynn said...

Thanks! I was definitely the crazy photo-happy tourist who snapped a zillion photos of the walls and ceilings in the hopes that a few would turn out. :P That makes sense that it would be grace embodied by saints, especially the first two. Awesome!

Charleybrown said...

I fell in love with these images and was curious to find out more about their meanings and posted what I could find here, if you click on each image, you can see...

The artist is Ludwig Seitz :)

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