Sketching at Mount Rainier

Wednesday, April 27, 2011  at 7:00 AM
 While Chris was skinning up the side of Mount Rainier this past weekend, I camped out in the Visitor's Center on the side of the mountain.  Not only was this center filled with gleaming hardwood, plush carpets and impressive windows, but it also had an array of exhibits on the history of the mountain.  This was actually my first time ever going to Mount Rainier, despite having lived close to it for my entire life!

Fun Facts: Mount Rainier is an active volcano but has not exploded in over 100 years.  All of the nearby towns have signs signalling "Volcano Evacuation--This Way!" on many of the streets.

A sketch of Mount Rainier from the Visitor's Center.

I intended to do some work while I was at the center, but the flashing lights and bright colors of the exhibits drew me in!  Before I knew it, I was positioned in front of one of the immense windows, staring up at the mountain and doodling some sketches.
It was busy going up Rainier for Chris: great weather + Saturday = tons of people on Rainier
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