Hiking in Spring Showers

Thursday, April 21, 2011  at 7:00 AM
The erratic Spring weather has been has been pulling us every which way recently.  Today alone I saw fluffy snow flakes, a light misting of rain and the bluest of blue sunny skies.  I grab any chance that comes my way to enjoy the sunshine, especially after such a dark and dismal winter!

Cherry blossoms after the rain.

I love the cotton candy trees full of cherry blossoms the most, although the thick carpet of moss always reminds me of fairy tale books from when I was a kid.

Moss and a pine tree seedling, sprinkled with dew.

It's fun seeing all the animals coming out for the Spring as well--I've missed the usual flock of sparrows, blue jays and too-bold squirrels.

Two Meerkat friends at the zoo--I don't have these in my backyard, but they're much cuter than my pictures of sparrows!

Chris and I are continuing on our slow trek towards nomadic life.  Chris leaves in about three weeks, while I still have about two months left.  We just sold one of our cars today and only have one left, but that one won't be sold until the very end because I need it for work (no buses and not bike-able).  Chris is collecting a variety of nomadic gear, such as a Steri-Pen, while I am still trying to plan the logistics.  It's hard to believe that this is an indefinite trip, an actual lifestyle change, and not just a short jaunt as our most recent travels have been.

A new spring leaf.
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