Going to the Zoo

Sunday, April 3, 2011  at 11:35 PM
Looking into the meerkat exhibit--they are so fast!

I am going to admit, right away, that I am a huge fan of going to the zoo.  What's not to like about going to see awesome wild animals that you normally only see through your computer screen? 


The first animal that we see is this fantastic Gorilla.  While the other Gorillas were sleeping, or frantically hoarding carrots and broccoli, this Gorilla just sat calmly with his cane stick and watched.


The Komodo dragons were also unusually alert.  Usually, lizards are missing that spark of awareness, but it felt like these ones were sharper than the other reptiles in the reptile house.


I also discovered my new favorite animal--the Northern Tree Shrew.  There were two of them in the zoo and not only do they have fantastic, bulging eyes, but they also have fluffy tails that are longer than their bodies and the ones in the zoo were spinning around in circles. 


The zoo has several peacocks that have the run of the entire place.  We saw them everywhere from the Savannah, to the Penguin Exhibit, to the Farm Animal Exhibit (yes, the zoo had an entire section for farm animals)!

While out and about, I was carrying a small daypack filled with food, water and my sketching supplies.  It was quite light and easy to carry, which reaffirmed my resolution to have my pack be as light as possible.  Sketches from the zoo to come soon!
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