Who We Are

Sunday, March 13, 2011  at 12:59 PM
Welcome to Nomadic Vignette!  This post is meant to tell everyone a bit more about who we are and what this blog is about.

Chris, me and a friend before Chris skied the Vert Fest race.

My name is Danalynn and I am an educator who is in her twenties.  I graduated with Honors from Washington State University with a double degree: a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in French Language.  My husband, Chris, is also in his twenties and worked at a hospital during the week, while volunteering his weekends at Snoqualmie Ski Patrol.  He graduated from Franklin College (in Lugano, Switzerland) with a double major, Environmental Studies and International Relations.  We both are native English speakers hailing from Seattle, WA, USA.  I also speak French and a bit of Italian and German, while Chris speaks Italian and a bit of Chinese, French and German.

My first time to Switzerland!

This blog is meant to document our traveling experience.  We have traveled extensively before, but starting in the Summer of 2011 we switched to a nomadic lifestyle and will be traveling indefinitely.  It's scary, but it should be an incredible adventure!  I love art, photography, and finding funny quirks in my day-to-day life, and I hope these loves come across in this blog!

Chris, me, and friends with our Couchsurfing host in Romania.

In previous travels, we have WWOOFed, Couchsurfed, house sat, stayed with family and friends, and camped, all of which have been incredibly fun.

This is my Couchsurfing profile, and this is Chris's Couchsurfing profile, if you want to read reviews from people we have hosted and people who have hosted us, or even if you just want to get a taste of our past adventures!

Chris and me, in a castle in Bellinzona, Switzerland.
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