Practice Packing

Wednesday, March 30, 2011  at 10:27 PM

With the official transition from Winter to Spring has also come the change from Winter skiing to Spring skiing!  Of course, here in the Pacific Northwest, that means the transition from icy, bone-chilling skiing weather to warm, wet, soggy skiing weather.  I'm so sick of the endless cold, grey skies, however, that I will happily take any change towards warm sunshine!


I have been making my packing list for my impending nomadic life and yesterday I decided to 'practice pack' my pack, to see how heavy everything would be.  Color me extremely surprised at how much room everything took up!  I packed everything, including the clothing that I would be wearing, but it filled up the bag completely.  I was stunned, especially because I felt like I was packing very light--one pair of pants, only two short sleeve shirts, no hat/gloves, etc.


The majority of weight/space taken came from my hiking boots, which I will theoretically be wearing for much of the time when hiking with my pack on, plus my sleeping bag.  I am usually terrible at packing (I pack all the wrong items, or I overpack) and I am trying so hard to be a better packer for this trip!

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