Playing with Long Exposure on a Digital Camera

Sunday, March 27, 2011  at 10:48 PM
Lately I have been having fun with the long exposure settings on my digital camera.  On one hand, I can create very nice night photographs, like this one of a telephone pole on the ski slopes last weekend.


On the  other, much more exciting, hand, I can create ghost-like apparitions!


This was a fun, easy experiment that only required me to set up my camera on a tripod in a dimly-lit room, set the exposure to 8 seconds with the ISO at 80 (the lowest possible), and then pose in a variety of fun poses.  The trick was to make sure that I had light hitting me, so my image would be captured on the camera, without having too much light hitting the background and washing me out.  


Even when I was holding extremely still in one location, I still did not appear crisp in the final image, which was surprising.  Obviously, this just means that I must practice holding extremely still for future night-time photos!
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