Adventures in Skiing

Thursday, February 24, 2011  at 3:24 PM
Timeline for this past weekend:

Saturday: Drive up to the Ski Lodge, have an early night in preparation for an even earlier morning.


Sunday: Learn how to cross country ski.  Get very grumpy as I have only just gotten the hang of down-hill skiing and this is completely different.  Then get very excited as I realize that this is a world easier than downhill skiing.


Monday: Pack for two nights of snow-camping.  Rent a set of entirely different skis meant for skinning up the side of a mountain (read: snow-shoeing, but with extremely wide, long and unwieldy skis on).  Get a crash course in skinning.

Hike across avalanche fields, over streams, and up a mountain in waist-deep snow, only to realize that we are off trail and are in prime avalanche conditions.  Plunge-step down the mountain in a fraction of the time it took to crawl up. Make camp.

Tuesday: Wake battered, bruised, and surrounded by fabulous feathery snow.  Take a vast number of photos, then cross a delta of frozen streams in our meandering route back to civilization.  Excavate our car from the multiple feet of snow accumulated over the past twenty-four hours and head home.

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